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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Does anybody have babies vaginally?!?!

So it had been rumored that La Romana has a high c-section rate.  So during my first prenatal appointment I asked the ultrasound tech about it.  She explained that La Romana has a very high teen pregnancy rate.  (And many of those teens are very young, like 13 years old.)  So the rate is higher due to the girls being unable to deliver babies due to their undeveloped pelvises.  Though I wasn't thrilled with the answer, after all not all moms are teenagers, I thought it was reasonable and could explain for a portion of the c-sections.
Well, it has been three weeks since that first appointment and  I have been asking around.  No one I have talked to about having a baby here has been a teenager.  And EVERYONE has had a c-section! I realize that I have not taken an official pole by any means.   BUT what are the chances that EVERYONE I asked has had a c-section if the c-section rates are not inexplicably high.  C-sections can be life saving and I am thankful for that.  But EVERYBODY needs a life saving surgery to have a baby in La Romana? I have to question why?
I just want a healthy baby, born the way babies were intended to enter this world.  I'm concerned that I am in the minority because of that!
Here's a link to ICAN for anyone else that may be looking for a little support and information.

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