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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hormones! Week 11

3D ultrasound of baby at 11 weeks
I feel awful and when I don't feel awful, I am emotional! All thanks to raging hormones! I am thankful, really I am! This past June I lost a baby during my 11th week of pregnancy.  And now I understand more than ever that hormones are a sign of a healthy, VITAL baby.  I have to remind myself each time I find myself trying to suppress the unsolicited gang reflect that randomly invades my days that my little baby is thriving off these hormones.  Each time I cry over some news story, I can thank God that my tears are a sign of a growing baby! When I awake in the night because my breasts are so tender it hurts to roll over, I can pat my no so flat tummy and hope for the day I will meet my growing baby.  And since that isn't until October, I better find something to do in the meanwhile.  I have played around with eating every few hours, avoiding fats and sugars, but none of that seems to quiet my ridiculous gag reflex or overwhelming sense of nausea.  So I am going to try motion sickness bracelets.  I will keep you posted on if they seem to help.  But until then cheers to hormones and a healthy baby!     

1 comment:

  1. Can't find motion sickness bracelets so far. Can't believe it! I live in a coastal city that hosts cruise ships!
    Though at week 12, time spent nauseous is less than time feeling better!
    We may have reached a milestone!