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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best option?

The journey continues.  I had really looked forward to meeting with this new OB tonight.  In a town where only OB's deliver babies and most by c-section, I had heard good things about him.  I heard that he actually delivers babies vaginally, so I was looking forward to meeting him.  Though much more friendly than other providers, he and I weren't exactly on the same page.  He told me that a c-section is better than a VBAC.  But I can have a vaginal delivery if I want since my son will be 4.   Because according to him you should wait 4-5 years after a c-section before attempting a VBAC.  He also said if the baby appears larger than 8lbs by ultrasound, it's a c-section.  Upon inquiry he told me that all vaginal deliveries require episiotomies, especially white women because we loose the elasticity in our skin so quickly.  So I am wondering, where is this guy getting his "facts"?  The sad news is, he's the best option I have right now.  He practices at the best clinic in town and offers reduced rates.  So the search continues, at least a week more.  At 17 weeks unless I find someone else next week, he looks like the lucky doc! Lucky me!    :)

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